Nili Brosh: Guitar World interview

Who else is in the band with Tony?

For this first thing that we are doing, the drummer is Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, Nina Hagen, Necrophagist) and the bass player is Bjorn Englen. The drummer sometimes depends on the part of the world where we are on tour. We did our first warm-up gig at the Musicians Institute on July 14 and are still working out the details of this tour. Check my website for updates!

Have you toured before?

I’ve played a little bit with this all-female Iron Maiden tribute band called The Iron Maidens. They are based in California, so until I move out there it can’t be permanent. Living and working in Boston with Berklee College of Music, I’ve been pretty fortunate to play with some pretty amazing people who just came through Boston. One was Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani) and also Guthrie Govan (Asia). I also released my first record last year that had Andy Timmons on it, a good friend of mine. more