Paul Gilbert,Guthrie Govan, Sam Coulson: Paul gives the nod Guthrie and Sam

Sam Coulson In the august edition of Total Guitar Paul Gilbert talks about how he likes my playing!

Sam Coulson Who do you think is the most influential player of the new era of shredders?
PG: "I'm not nearly as familiar as I should be about so many new people. But Guthrie Govan is really great. I still love Eric Johnson. To me, anyone who came out after 1985 is still new, but thats just my age! I really like Sam Coulson. I don't know if his even made a record yet but he's another youtube guy. He has good vibrato, tone and general musicality. He sent me an email to my website and said, 'check out this video of me playing' and three seconds in I was like, 'Oh man, this guys really got something'"