Rick Tedesco: 'A Light In The Attic” new cd

New CD Release By Guitarist Rick Tedesco With Special Guest Appearances By Rock Legends Ian Hunter and Dennis Dunaway
8/15/2011 - Westport, CT - Guitarists around the planet are buzzing with excitement about the debut solo CD release by guitar maestro Rick Tedesco titled 'A Light In The Attic”. Known for his guitar and studio work with Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee and original Alice Cooper Group founding member Dennis Dunaway's group the Dennis Dunaway Project, as well as Mott the Hoople legend Ian Hunter, Rick Tedesco's new CD promises to deliver a heavy dose of hard driving rock and roll!
“I met Dennis through Ian Hunter actually,” Rick explains. “Ian was helping BDS with their album 'Back From Hell' and Ian pulled me in to help get their sound together. I met Ian years ago while working in a music store and ended up setting up a studio in his house and then started working with him. I have been on every record since 'Rant' in one capacity or another: engineer, producer, background vocals, guitars, piano...comedian.”
“Rick explores the darker recesses of his attic and confronts a lot of honest emotions. And with this moving rock album, he turns the light on for all to see.” Dennis Dunaway, founding member of the Alice Cooper Group
Rick Tedesco began playing guitar in the early 1970s with musical influence's deeply rooted in the Glam Rock movement of that decade; Alice Cooper, David Bowie and Ian Hunter served as early role models. Also the second wave of British rock bands of the '70s were of particular interest to the young musician. As far as guitarists go, Mick Ronson was a huge influence on Rick, as well as Randy Rhodes and Ace Frehley. In the past 15 years Rick Tedesco has played guitar, piano, bass, sang and engineered on Ian Hunter's last several releases. He also played many instruments, sang, produced and engineered the Dennis Dunaway Project's critically acclaimed CD 'Bones From The Yard'. Rick also runs his own successful business www.GuitarHangar.com where he sells vintage and rare musical instruments. “The Guitar Hangar was established in 1999 and we cater to the higher end guitars and amps,” says Rick, “boutique stuff...a collector's paradise as well and really quality stuff for the working musician.”
"Rick and I have been mates for a long time. He's a bit 'heavier' than me in his musical taste and style but we get along great and he's been of significant help to me over the years." - Ian Hunter
And now with Rick Tedesco's debut solo release, the music world will be able to experience his fascinating musical vision “ 'A Light In The Attic' is really a metaphor for looking around in the dark, eerie, questionable areas of the mind and shining a light on them,” Rick explains. “Sexual taboos, obsession, life, love, death, the end of the world etc... it's all there.”
As far as plans for the future, Rick divulges, “I play out with a good friend of mine, Doug Wahlberg, and we are already out there playing songs from the CD. Doug co-wrote a couple songs with me on the CD as well. My studio is always busy... Dennis is always busy... I'm sure at some point we will be busy together again. I'm always doing stuff with Ian...he's in my studio every week it seems. I've already started plotting out my next album and have the first song recorded for it already. I just want to keep going and stay focused on being creative. That's when I'm the happiest.”
For more information: www.guitarhangar.com www.facebook.com/rick.tedesco www.myspace.com/ricktedesco

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