Colin Smith: TRex MAB pedal demo

Hello ,,

Got a cool demo and some awesome V-picks Action Got the brand New V-Pick NEXUS to show you and use in this Demo! and we have the cool pedal from T-REX

The = T-REX MAB OD (Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive) Demo Today 4 ya!!!

bit of tech stuff here on the pedal

Input Impedance @ 1KHz 395KOhm Output Impedance@1KHz 1,2KOhm Power supply 9V DC (Power tool 9) Minimum Power supply Voltage 8V DC Maximum Power supply Voltage 12,5V DC Current Draw @ 9V DC 7mA Maximum input signal Vp/p 2,5Vp/p Battery Type 9V battery 6F22 Battery Life 12 to 16 Hour External connectors Input Jack. Output Jack, 9V DC Jack Controls On/Off, Level, Gain Tone Depth120mm Width 100mm Height 55mm Weight (excl. battery) 0,424Kg

Heaven-sent overdrive
Michael Angelo wanted a pedal that would give him creamy, classic overdrive without clouding his unique touch and tone. T-Rex produced an overdrive unit with a sound sweet enough to make an angel cry -- but with an earthy bite and punch! From a medium blues crunch to a rock guitar wail, Michael Angelo overdrive covers the full spectrum of overdrive distortion.

Michael Angelo Batio's tonal masterpiece
Let there be no doubt: the Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive was created for this guitarist and his brand of melodic heavy rock -- moody, moving, majestic. But the core of this pedal is a warm, natural-sounding smooth distortion that will appeal to any guitarist looking for the holy grail of overdrive.

T-REX MAB Overdrive Demo