Marcel Coenen: talks about upcoming Beckerfest

Would it perhaps be an idea to create a summer program like Freak Guitar Camp?
I indeed have been thinking about that, and there actually is a big fat chance that I will do just that next year. About that, I also have contacted Joop Wolters, which is a good friend of mine. It could be an idea to create such a thing together. I think it is a great initiative. Mattias Eklundh has been doing it for years in Sweden, but it does not exist as of yet in the Netherlands.

With a thing like that you also bring attention to the band, and vice versa.
Yes, that as well. And in November, about which I feel very honored, I will play at a festival for Jason Becker, the Not Dead Yet festival. It is being held in Patronaat, Haarlem. Mattias Eklundh will also play, and Guthrie Govan, and the very good Italian guitarist Daniele Gottardo, Michael Lee Firkins, which is quite awesome as well, I'm a fan of his playing from earlier on. And the drummer from Cacophony, Atma Anur, will accompany everyone. And Stuart Hamm and Barend Courbois will do the bass for everyone. And everyone can attend, as long as you buy a ticket! It's on November 13th, a Sunday. All the money that is being made, goes towards Jason and his family and towards the ALS fund, also to fight the disease ALS, of which among others Jason Becker is a victim. So it is a very good initiative; all artists also play for the initiative, Joop Wolters and I play for free, and as far as I know the big names also only get their travel costs paid. And all that money will be spent on a good cause, one I also support very much, so that is great. more

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