Richard Hallebeek, Andy Timmons: Richard Hallebeek interviews Andy Timmons

Richard Hallebeek Added an interview with Andy Timmons on my website. Andy speaks about his mastery of playing in the 'trio format', why he takes three drummers for ten gigs and why Jeff Beck has so much control. A long read but fun! Also added some exclusive pics. Read on here:

:: Speaking about the trio, you have been working in the power trio format for quite a while. It has become kind of your 'signature band sound' and you are quite good at playing in that format, while it's not always easy for a guitar player.

Yeah, as far as my own music yeah. In the past we produced the traditional rhythm guitars and stack everything. Some keyboards and doubling the melodies and stuff, and it's a cool sound. But when it was.. when I delivered the 'That Was Then, This Is Now' cd to Steve Vai's label, it was the first release on Favored Nations from me. It was kind of a 'best of' Ear X-tacy 1 & 2. And then he wanted four new songs. So we recorded four new songs. And there were certain sections on a couple of songs where it was just trio. And Steve had made a comment to me, after hearing those: 'I love the sections when it's just one guitar you know, you can really hear the fingers on the frets', and.. we were working on Resolution, I was approaching it the same way where I went in with a band in the studio and I was playing some rhythm and some.. and some lead guitar. But I was just so uninspired, I was like, this.. it's been done. This instrumental rock guitar thing, it's just.. and Joe and Steve having you know, been the pinnacle of that, everything just.. as soon as you have rhythm guitars and start adding melodies, it sounds like Joe Satriani.(laughs)At a certain point, you know?