Therese Wiig : Follow the Signs (Solo) - Born of Osiris

BORN OF OSIRIS ROCKS! Ok, so this solo is the hardest one I have ever attempted to play, so yeeh. I noticed that I make a lot of constipated faces when I concentrate really hard, so based on my lovely facial expression while playing this, you can see that it's freakin though ;) And most of the people that I've seen on youtube that cover this solo have been playing for like 5 years, and I've only been playing for 3, so cut me some slack :D And of course I'm wearing my Born of Osiris shirt which I bought from Cameron Losch himself when BOO played a show in Oslo... Which was awzuum. Born of Osiris are the best! And yeh, hope you enjoy it :)

Follow the Signs (Solo) - Born of Osiris

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