Tom Quayle: Wampler Pedals Endorsement

Tom Quayle
Session Musician/Journalist/Demo Artist/Teacher

• Paisley Drive
• Ecstasy

New Endorsement! Wampler Pedals.

Happy Friday guys - hope you're looking forward to the weekend. This is my last weekend of full time teaching - all future weekends will be dedicated to finishing the album and finally getting in some much needed practice time. Can't wait. I may also get some gaming done as I got a copy of Dead Island today - kind of like Left for Dead meets Fall Out 3 - and I'm totally hooked! Amazing game and anything Zombie related goes down so well in our house!
I also got engaged last week to my amazing girlfriend Cheryl. She's incredible and very patient and understanding with my guitar related shenanigans! I love you Cheryl and thanks for saying yes!
One very cool development over these last two weeks is that I've started using Wampler pedals and they've been kind enough to offer me a great artist deal. Thanks especially to Jason Wilding who organised the whole thing and was incredibly kind to let me try out the pedals first. Of course, I'm still using my awesome Toadworks pedals but the Paisley Drive and Ecstasy offer me sounds I didn't have previously and I'm a serious sucker for Overdrive pedals! Demos coming soon. Here's the link...