Atma Anur,Jason Becker: Fest Diaries #3, 3b#

Part 3 of the video clip chronicle series of Atma Anur in his personal preparation for the 6 hour guitar mega-fest Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Festival. Here Atma goes through some random 16th note funk style improvising in 4/4 (August), just to try to relax while improvising with a click pattern. This is one of the ways Atma loosens up his ability to shred with guitar players.

Atma Anur - Jason Becker Fest Diaries (Part 3)

Part b of the 'funk' improv section (part 3). More of the early practice schedule for Atma, as he prepares for his 6 hour guitar player marathon. Here Atma runs through some basic linear and unison motions between snare, hihat and kick drum... this is just really fun! And would last about an hour with no break. This type of practice was particularly inspired by the songs of Kiko Loureiro and Guthrie Govan. See you in Holland...

Atma Anur - Jason Becker Fest Diaries (Part 3b)

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Stuart Hamm
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Atma Anur
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