Chris Broderick: Road Runner interview

What does your playing bring to Megadeth that your predecessors didn't?
It's definitely going to be my own influences, my classical guitar background, the schooling that I came up with. It's just a different balance of influences, you know? I can't speak exactly to what their abilities are and aren't, I can only listen to what they recorded in the past and make assumptions on that.

Could you be specific on some of your influences?
I've got a lot of time invested in counterpoint, which is the main form of composition that Bach would use, and I utilize that information when I write and when we come up with guitar harmonies.

Can you explain counterpoint for some of our readers who might not know what that is?
Sure. It's the idea of having a melody and a counter melody that work in harmony together really well. When you harmonize on guitar, usually what you would do is you would move up an interval and harmonize the exact same guitar line as the original, whereas counterpoint would have you do an entirely different melody, but it still works harmoniously with the original melody. So there's a lot of governing rules behind that and how you make that work. more