Gretchen Menn: you can't beat that personal touch

I think I mentioned before the difference between digital and physical media in recent posts. For all the upside of digital media, immediacy, green, parallel, meta data, etc... you can't beat that personal touch, that  fan pleasing bond, that  touch that comes with an autographed CD. After a hard days work to be greeted with a package that comes half way around the world and upon opening gives one such a sense of inner satisfaction. Another CD to add to the collection.

Well you make your choice... I got both versions, but I know which one made the happiest :)

Hale Souls

1. Scrap Metal
2. Oleo Strut
3. Déjà Vu
4. Valentino's Victory Lap
5. Fast Crowd
6. Is It Not Strange
7. Captured Barricade
8. Walking Shadow
9. Struck Sleepless
10. Fading
The album, Hale Souls, is now available! It features the talents of Stu Hamm, John Mader, Emily Palen, Jude Gold, Angeline Saris, and Kirsten Menn

Gretchen Menn:
Hale Souls (Physical)
Hale Souls (Digital)