Mattias IA Eklundh: Happy Birthday buddy!... time to Growing Your Own Moustache... Vol. 3

Mattias IA Eklundh is a busy birthday boy... tours, new lessons and the big one Jason Becker show!

It’s time to get serious! Freak Guitar – Growing Your Own Moustache Vol. 3 – In the Mood for Modes is now available to download from the Freak Kitchen Online Store. With no less than 75 tracks (!) this is THE tuition albumfor the dedicated musician.
Besides seven new demanding, original songs, with and without guitar, IA has orchestrated a huge, challenging palette of useful backing tunes consisting of loads and loads of different scales from all over the world. This is astunning opportunity to actually hear the tonality and learn how phraseover synthetic and exotic modes as well as more orthodox Western scales.
01. Béla goes to Poona
02. Béla goes to Poona - no gtr
03. Christeen Fifteen Sixteen
04. Christeen Fifteen Sixteen - no gtr
05. Moulin Rouge Bad Vision
06. Moulin Rouge Bad Vision - no gtr
07. The Lassie Surprise Edit
08. The Lassie Surprise Edit - no gtr
09. Sept Fraises
10. Sept Fraises - no gtr
11. Banana Republic Bruce
12. Banana Republic Bruce – no gtr
13. You and Your Volcanoes
14. You and Your Volcanoes – no gtr
15. Super Locrian (in C)
16. Neapolitan Minor (in E)
17. Neapolitan Major (in C)
18. Oriental (in A)
19. Double Harmonic, Persian, Byzantine, Gypsy (in D)
20. Enigmatic (in C)
21. Harmonic Minor, Mohammedan (in E)
22. Hungarian Minor (in C)
23. Major Locrian (in A)
24. Lydian Minor (in D)
25. Lydian Dominant (in C)
26. Leading Whole Tone (in E)
27. Pentatonic Minor (in C)
28. Pentatonic Major, Mongolian (in A)
29. Acoustic, Hindustan (in D)
30. Phrygian Major, Jewish, Gypsy (variation) (in C)
31. Hirajoshi, Traditional Japanese (in E)
32. Hawaiian (in C)
33. Ethiopian Minor (in A)
34. Symmetrical (in D)
35. Pantuvarali (Rag Shree) (in C)
36. Kanakangi (in E)
37. Kumoi (in C)
38. Balenesian, Pelog (in A)
39. Romanian Minor (in D)
40. Piongio, Japanese (in C)
41. Chinese (in E)
42. Iwato (in C)
43. Egyptian (in A)
44. Scriabin (in D)
45. Ritusen (in C)
46. Arabian (in E)
47. Prometheus (in C)
48. 7 Tone Blues (in A)
49. Spanish 8 Tone (in D)
50. 9 Tone (in C)
51. Hungarian Gypsy (in E)
52. 3rd mode of Pantuvarali (from “OK”) (in C)
53. Javaneese (in A)
54. Algerian (in D)
55. Melodic Minor (ascending) (in C)
56. Melodic Minor (descending) (in E)
57. Rasikapriya (in C)
58. Diminished (thirds) (in A)
59. Diminished (half/whole) (in D)
60. Diminished (whole/half) (in C)
61. Whole Tone (in E)
62. Ultra Locrian (in C)
63. Moorish Phrygian (in A)
64. Six Tone Symmetrical (in D)
65. Auxiliary Diminished Blues (in C) 66. Blues (in E)
67. Chromatic (in C)
68. Okinawa (in A)
69. Ionian (in D)
70. Dorian (in C)
71. Phrygian (in E)
72. Lydian (in C)
73. Mixolydian (in A)
74. Aeolian (in D)
75. Locrian (in C)

tour IA:
19th of October, Sydney, Australia, Big Music, Freak Guitar Clinic
20th of October, Brisbane, Australia, Ellaways Music, Freak Guitar Clinic
21st of October, Toowoomba, Australia, Royce Music, Freak Guitar Clinic
22nd of October, Canberra, Australia, Better Music, Freak Guitar Clinic
23rd of October, Geelong, Australia, Oxygen Music, Freak Guitar Clinic
24th of October, Melbourne, Australia, Five Star Music, Freak Guitar Clinic
26th of October, Perth, Australia, TBA, Freak Guitar Clinic
28th of October, Jakarta, Indonesia, Store Appearance – Meet and Greet
29th of October, Jakarta, Indonesia, Studio 7, Freak Guitar Clinic
31st of October, Kathmandu, Nepal, Freak Guitar Clinic
13th of November, Haarlem, Netherlands, Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Festival

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