Tom Quayle: revisiting my roots - Under a Glass Moon

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Roots Revisited
I recently took a trip down to the Lick Library studios to record a review of the Music Man JPXI Petrucci Signature guitar and for me it was also a trip down memory lane. John Petrucci was highly influential in my early playing and I remember obsessively learning his solos.
Playing the JPXI inspired me to try this seminal solo out again for the first time in 15 years and was surprised to find that I could still play most of it. I love this solo and I used to play it to everyone who came to the house whether they wanted to hear it or not.
My playing style, technique and influences have changed a great deal over the years and now this solo represents a real challenge for me as my picking is not really where it should be for this piece. I've included a couple of deliberate mistakes for people to spot (no prizes) and the ending is somewhat improvised as I couldn't remember it and I went for the spirit of the part rather than exactly what he plays.
It's great to revisit early influences and rediscover what made you play guitar in the first place, whilst finding out how your technique has changed and developed as you find your own voice!
I hope you enjoy this take on his classic solo - it's not meant to be perfect or represent the exact take on the record - it's me revisiting my roots and having fun. If you hate it then troll away - I enjoyed playing it!!
Thanks for listening,

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