Tom Richardson: Lick of the Week 11

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Lick 11 is in the key of G Minor. Bar 1 features a descending D Augmented arpeggio. An Augmented triad is the same as a major triad only it features a sharpened fifth.
Major -- 1 3 5 D F# A
Augmented -- 1 3 #5 D F# A#

At the beginning, a grace note is used and this is a simple way to create more of a jazzy sound. Fret the grace note at the 5th fret then slide to the 6th fret. Once again, this lick makes use of economy picking and I find this the easiest way to play the lick. In the 2nd bar there is a chromatic phrase using legato. Aim to make each note even in volume and tone for a fluid sound.

Lick of the Week 11 - Tom Richardson