Alex Hutchings: Jazzy Jams 1,2 and 3 available

Is Alex Hutchings a God?That's the question! Either way, christmas has come early. Alex Hutchings Jazzy Jam Series 2 and 3 are now available to purchase, download and jam along too until your hearts content! These packages feature jam tracks based on chord progressions from the long history of jazz. Each jam track comes with one of Alex's stunning solos, blending classic jazz and bebop lines with a more modern fusion sound.
Fancy a further preview of Alex's six new tracks.....

Alex Hutchings Jazzy Jams Series 1

Alex Hutchings Jazzy Jams Series 2

Alex Hutchings Jazzy James Series 3

Alex's new packages also come in a variety of different formats, depending on what you are after. Each package is available for a single price:
Jazzy Jams Series 1 for just £11.99
Jazzy Jams Series 2 for just £11.99
Jazzy Jams Series 3 for just £11.99
Or if you have already purchased Series 1, for a limited time only you can get Series 2 + 3 in a special bundle:
Jazzy Jams Series 2+3 Bundle for just £19.99 (saving over 16%)
Finally, if you want to buy all three series together then you can do that as well:
Jazzy Jams Complete Series 1-3 for just £29.99 (saving over 16%)