Atma Anur: drum god back with Jason Becker Fest Diaries #14

The one man drum army that is Atma Anur (anyone else notice that Atma is an anogram of Tama? ) This time he's got the coolest of beats... If I was a guitar player, I would be looking for Atma to recording on my upcoming release... great stuff.... looking forward to the show... tickets still available for all sections.

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Atma Anur:
At one week to go till show time, we find Atma working on some grooves for songs being played in the six hour Guitar Mega-Thon!
This is a two part groove from Stephan Forte's "I Think Someone's In The Kitchen". Get your Funk On... and be at the one week!! November 13, 2011

Atma Anur - Jason Becker Fest Diaries (Part 14)

Atma Anur:
Clip of a great day of drumming, inspiration and education. John Good's visit to Poland was a great experience for everyone involved in the event, as DW continues to lead the pack in drum set innovation. Here Atma jams along with a song for the upcoming Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Festival by guitarist/composer Joop Wolters... on the new Performance Series DW Drums, and the new Mix Pack Sabian Cymbals
Atma Anur - DW Presentation Day Poland 2011