Daniele Gottardo, Jason Becker: Beckerfest Marrakech Market

Daniele Gottardo proceeded to set fire to the fingerboard of his guitar (or so it seemed), when he performed a blistering set at the 'Jason Becker's not Dead' festival at the Patronaat venue in Haarlem, The Netherlands, on November 13th, 2011. Truly awesome guitar work, in this take of 'Marrakech Market"! The festival was a mind blowing, near six hour marathon of world class guitar performances.

This clip is a single camera view from audience position, but a professional camera crew was also present to record the event in full, so watch out for the official HD video, to be released in the near future.
About Daniele Gottardo (from the festival webpage):
Daniele Gottardo was born on August 26th 1983 in Rovigo, Italy and is a talented guitarist and composer. Daniele started playing the guitar at the age of 14 and was inspired by his father's red Fender Stratocaster, which is still his favorite guitar.

In 2004, Daniele started his experience as lead guitarist for the international pop singer Alexia and toured accross the globe. In four years later, Daniele won the "Guitar Idol Award" and the Steve Vai Award for his two hand tapping technique. Frenzy of Ecstasy is Daniele's first studio album where he displays his amazing jazz, nu-metal and classical music influences"
About the festival (from the festival webpage):
The first 'Not Dead Yet' Festival happened in San Francisco March 26, 2011. Guitar heroes like Joe Satriani, Steve Hunter, Greg Howe, Steve Lukather, Richie Kotzen, Michael Lee Firkins, Jeff Watson and others honored Jason Becker that night. This was very unique and touching.
In November 2011 Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival will be held in Amsterdam.
Well respected guitar players and friends from Jason will perform during this unique special event. Proceeds from the evening go towards medical supplies for Jason as well as a trust fund to provide for his future security.
We have great guitar players like Guthrie Govan (Aristocrats), Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Andy James (Secret Mother Tongue and Lick Library teacher), Daniele Gottardo, Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), Stephan Forte (Adagio), Joop Wolters, Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Timo Somers (Delain).
On the drums we have a drummer who has played like with all possible guitar players you ever heard off, on bass we have the well renowned Stuart Hamm (Satriani, Vai, G3, Frank Gambale), Barend Courbois and Franck Hermanny (Adagio), on keys Rene Kroon (Sun Caged, Barstool Philosophers).
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