Dweezil Zappa: Live "In The Moment" announced

Hello Everyone,

I've been quite busy lately. I've just returned from Sicily having taken part in a documentary about the Zappa family roots in Partinico. It was an amazing experience that left me inspired on many levels. I'll write more on that one of these days.

Besides getting ready for the upcoming UK tour and spending time with my daughters I've also prepared a new double CD that I'm very proud of. It features special live performances where we have managed to take an audio snaphsot in time and capture the true essence of this band's ability to be musically elastic and exist in the moment.

Audio clips are available to listen to on the site:


I look forward to seeing you all out on the road next week!

Below is more information about the album project - DZ

Dweezil Zappa - LIve "In The Moment" will be produced in limited numbers and is available to order NOW! 11-11-2011

U.S. buyers can buy the album through my new online webstore. I will be adding a number of other items to my store in the future.

“In The Moment” is now available to order and should be with you well before the holidays!


UK and rest of world buyers may order from Fantom Records


Thanks again for your support! I hope you enjoy the CD.

DOWNLOAD availability will commence very soon. I will update the site with the exact date. Stay tuned!

What is it? It's a double CD compendium of excerpted guitar solos culled from the last 3 years on tour with Zappa Plays Zappa.

The mixes are from Front Of House References (FOH). **
Disc One:
1. Flim Flam
2. Guitarlos Mantana
3. That's Heavy
4. Curly Toed Shoes
5. You Can't Get There From Here
6. That's Right
7. Stink Patrol
8. The Stink Eye
9. They're Attracted To The Light Mama
10. Neapolitan Sunset
11. First Day With The New Brain
12. Follow Me
13. Your Slime Is On Fire

Disc 2:
1. Just A Trim
2. Phase McNugget
3. Southern Gravy
4. Canadian Jazzercise
5. Scratch
6. Hair Club For Ponies (Greasey)
7. Where Everyone Still Looks The Same
8. I Promise Not To Mess Up Your Hair
9. A Chick Walks On To The Stage...
10. Bat Sandwich
11. What Did You Mean By That?
12. A Night Out In Tel Aviv
13. Midrange Exploitation
14. Is This Safe?
15. What Kind Of Muffin Is This?
16. Deathless Horsie Rides Again

COMING SOON! Exclusive liner note content that cannot fit in the CD art.

** For those who are not familiar, FOH mixes also known as board tapes are generally not pleasant to listen to because they are not created for the purpose of delivering a fully formed mix to a home listener. They are generated from the source that is serving the venue audience. In other words, the engineer is balancing the mix for the live audience based on all of the factors of the environment that particular night. If the room is very bass heavy, many of those frequencies will be cut in the mix, possibly making it sound anemic on the reference recording but right for the mix in the venue. If instruments are too loud from the stage they will likely be quiet in the FOH mix. The reason for this is that instruments need to be fed from the mix console to the PA. If there are loud instruments on stage that are heard well by the audience and engineer purely from the stage volume they will not be included as much in the PA speaker system in the venue. This is a very common variable that is dealt with throughout all of the shows on tour. Each night is different and it's difficult to get true consistency.

But there are other times when the balance is pretty good.Sometimes great! Having listened to all of our FOH mixes I've found some great examples where they are well balanced and made a record out of them.

When things cannot be multitracked FOH refs become master recordings and sometimes capture amazing performances. Because of that very reason I chose to examine the FOH library of recordings I have that fit the above description and make this record.