Eric Calderone: Skrillex Meets Metal

So to say the least, this one was interesting. Did my best trying to manipulate his sounds. I have to give a shout out to Mari and Smosh for including the Halloween video in their weekly segment, totally badass. All I'll say about the next vid is that it was a HUGE request. Thanks so much for everything, the subs, messages, fan art, suggestions, and comments, big ups!. You guys rock the casbah,

Skrillex Meets Metal

plus one from...

Halloween Meets Metal


  1. Eric is a cute and talented master of metal. Ever since I saw his videos on youtube I have been unable to let a day go by without wathcing them. I am not a metal fan but this guy has got me hooked on it. I have fallen hard for the dimples, smiles and his badass talent. He really rocks!


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