Florent Atem,Dave Reffett: Guitar World slide picking interview

Interview and Video: Guitarist Florent Atem Discusses His Slide Picking Technique

GUITAR WORLD: So Florent how did you come up with this slide picking technique?

Well, as a guitar player, my main focus has always been to find my own voice on the instrument. I had the privilege to study at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) at Musician's Institute in Hollywood a while ago, but apart from that, I am mainly self-taught. Besides learning about music theory and what I would call the “tradition” of blues, rock or jazz improvisation, I have always enjoyed trying to push the boundaries of what I could do on my instrument.

That is how I came up with this concept I refer to as “slide picking," which I immediately felt had the potential to be developed into a real, usable and special technique. It consists in sliding the guitar pick across the strings while pressing them against the fretboard to produce notes. It really is the missing link between tapping and sweep picking since it combines their main features in a single motion. more

Florent Atem - Slide Picking Demonstration