Jason Becker: Loud Guitars cover high lights for the show.

The amazing guys from Loud guitars came all the way over the Atlantic to the Jason Becker show. Drew did a great job of covering the festival. High Lights from the Jason Becker "Not Dead Yet" Benefit Concert in Amsterdam. Featuring. Atma Anur,Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins,Stuart Hamm, Andy James, Mattias Eklundh, Kiko Loureiro, Marco Sfogli, Daniele Gottardo, Franck Hermanny, Stephane Forte, Marcel Coenen, Joop Wolters, Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Frederico Solazzo, Martin Miller and Hedras Ramos. Get over to Loud Guitars to catch up with their lessons, reviews, tech and more... you can sign in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts: http://www.loudguitars.com/enter/

Jason Becker Fest High Lights from Loudguitars.com on Vimeo.