Levi Clay, Jason Becker: Live4Guitar interview

I did catch Levi Clay with Martin Miller briefly before the show, but his the chaos of back stage stuff and roadie work, I missed Levi at the end. He's done a great job in capturing some of the spirit of the show in part one of his article for Live4Guitar.

I've been playing guitar for a very long time now, and during that time I've been through everything from punk, rock and shred to country, funk and jazz. In each of these styles there are names that come up again and again and they're all names I've spent a lot of time studying, but throughout college there was one name that dominated my complete being, one name that displayed nothing short of technical mastery and effortless beauty. A name that was ahead of the game by a decade when he was 16 and one that continues to push guitarists to be the best they can. That name is Jason Becker.

Jason is the truest example of that old saying "The star that burns brightest burns fastest", At the tender age of 16 Jason teamed up with Marty Friedman forming the band "Cacophony" they released the shred-fest "Speed Metal Symphony" in 1987, then "Go Off!" in 1988. These two albums are the pinnacle of virtusoso neoclassical shred and are essential for any guitar fans collection. In 1988 Jason also released his masterpiece "Perpetual Burn" which many consider to be the greatest guitar instrumental album of all time. It's full of heart, passion and flair and should be in your CD player as you read this. more

I must remind you what this is all in aid of, please do check out Jason's website and if you can make a donation, however small, please do, and let us know! http://jasonbeckerguitar.com/donation_information.html