News: Grooveyard Raised On Rock radio!

In association with our “good musical brother” Daniel Jacks @ ::RAISED ON ROCK::,
the Grooveyard is hosting an online internet radio gig featuring killer tracks/riffage
from many of our Awesome new Grooveyard Records discs TOMORROW Night
(11.8.11) @ 9 PM to 11 PM (EST). You can stream this show online. (*See Below).

We will be jammin' on plus spinnin' bad-ass, killer tracks/riffage from many
outstanding new Grooveyard Records discs including new discs by TONY SPINNER,
THALAMUS, THE FLYIN' RYAN BROTHERS...etc. Plus will be doing a FREEBIE Disc
giveaway or two so make sure to tune in and smell the riffage. (((FREEBIES RULE)))!!!

We'll crank up the bad-ass, killer bluesy heavy guitar jams to Eleven so turn up the
volume and dust off your air guitars 'cuz it's time to Rip it Hard with the Grooveyard
@ the Riffage that matters!!! Tear yourself away from Facebook & Youtube for
5 minutes and Rock Guitar Heavy with the Grooveyard and Raised On Rock!!!
Make no mistake, Guitar Rock is our Religion. Thanks a million heavy guitar riffs
for showing the Grooveyard & Raised On Rock your # one good LUV & SUPPORT!!!

*To be part of this monumental "musical event", tune in @
or click the RAISED ON ROCK poster (below) for a direct link to the radio station/gig
to stream this killer heavy guitar gig on your computer @ real time. Feel free to
give us a phone call at the studio hotline during the gig @ 585.475.2271
Don't be shy, give us a (((BUZZ))) with your (((FEEDBACK))).
The grOOveDaWg & Daniel Jacks would dig hearin' from ya!!!

If you love serious blues-based heavy guitar rock, do yourself a big favor and
of brain-damaging, bad-ass, killer, top-shelf, amazing NEW heavy guitar riffage
from the Grooveyard courtesy of Raised On Rock radio @ WITR 89.7 FM.
make sure to tune in and hang with the grOOveDaWg & Daniel Jacks.