Nick Johnston: Public Display of Infection

Public Display Of Infection was created out of a need to hear instrumental guitar music where melody and songwriting come first. I wanted to have an album that could showcase guitar and still be full of hooks, melody lines and strong grooves. A song has to speak to you, even when there are no lyrics. This album features mind blowing drum performances from the amazing Travis Orbin. Rounding out the line up is Matt King: a long time musician, a huge part of my sound and an incredible bass player. With the help of these two stellar musicians, I was able to create a monster of an album
1. The Uncomfortable Relationship of Gawker and Gawkee
2. Black Eye
3. Public Display of Infection
4. Bulletproof
5. Wander
6. Night of the Living Dance
7. Devil's Dancing Shoes
8. Blue Blood
9. Moon Waltz
10. Drive it Like it's Stolen