Terry Syrek, Jeremy Krull: Machine Elves in the mix

Thanks to Jeremy Krull who is a great guitar player in his own right as well as studio mixing wizard.

Terry Syrek, Allan Holdsworth

Jeremy Krull has been working on finishing the mix for the new Dark Empire record which has been curtailed due to the recent freak snow storms in America. Jeremy has been working with the incredible musical genius Terry Syrek who is competeling a long awaited follow up to Aum 

The new CD is tentatively titled "Machine Elves" which is the forthcoming full-length release

Jeremy Krull notes: "It's incredibly significant to me because I've studied with Terry since 1997 and I feel that seeing as how he's largely responsible for who I am today musically and as a player, it's an instance of a perfect repaying of the favor"

The new record is definitely heavier and a lot more atmospheric with Terry Syrek now using a 7 string guitars. Most of the tunes from this release are vocal, using the same drummer from Aum sessions.

Here's a recent video of Terry Syrek tracking some cool solos for the Machine Elves project... hard to believe that Terry also suffer from Focal Dystonia. Terry Syrek, to circumvent his focal distonia symtoms, recorded his entire album "AUM" with just two fully functioning fingers of his fret hand.

Machine Elves Tracking part one

Greg Kalember records the drum track for "Machine Elves" for the new upcoming CD from Terry Syrek. This is the drum track along with scratch guitars and audio from the demo.

Terry Syrek "Machine Elves" Drum Recording Session