Jason Becker: Loud Guitar review Jason Becker Fest part 1

Great review with some great interviews with the guitar players behind the scenes, and some photos too:

The Gig
The Players
Timo Somers – Guitar
Barend Courbois – Bass
Atma Anur – Drums
Marcel Coenen – Guitar
Joop Walters – Guitar
Erik Van Ittersum- Keys

Andy James – Guitar
Daniele Gottardo – Guitar
Martin Miller – Guitar
Franck Hermanny – Bass
Federico Solazo – Keys
Stephane Forte – Guitar
Marco Sfogli – Guitar

Mattias IA Eklund – Guitar
Michael Lee Firkins – Guitar
Stu Hamm – Bass
Kiko Loureiro – Guitar
Hedras Ramos – Guitar
Guthrie Govan – Guitar

It is very difficult to put into a few words what our experience at the Jason Becker Festival in Amsterdam was like but I will try. Roughly 3 months ago I was contacted by one of our columnists and traveling partner for this event, Mike Blackburn. In short, he wrote me saying “I am about to book my tickets for this. Would you consider going to cover the event?” I first thought about finances for that kind of trip, then being away from my family for a week then yelled "HOW CAN I NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!" so I replied “Yes” and booked my trip.

We landed in Amsterdam 3 days prior to the festival with the intention of just covering rehearsals and trying to interview as many of the players as possible but that first night the host was gracious enough to invite us to dinner with some of the early arrivals: Andy James, Stéphane Forté & Franck Hermanny of Adagio, Daniele Gottardo and Atma Anur. A great meal was enjoyed along with some fantastic conversation and later some Kodak moments.  more
Barend Courbois & Timo Somers

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