Michael Dolce: guitaronsky interview

Can you mention some guitarists that influenced your playing?

When I started guitar I was heavily influenced by my Dad playing Italian folk songs and some country music .
Hank Marvin and the music of "The Shadows" was an introduction to the electric guitar for me It definitely paved the way and taught me all about melodies and structure of songs.

At the age of 16 I moved onto guys like Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Brett Garsed, Dieter Kleemann that was a big turn around for me.
But I can't go by without mentioning a good friend of mine Leon Macris we both grew up on the same street and I was about 6 years ahead of him with guitar playing but he was one these guys who would learn stuff extremely quick he caught up to me in no time. We would always jam together trade licks etc..

He would pick up Paul Gilbert licks and just play them exact,this made me try even harder and id make sure i'd practice just as many hours as he did just to keep up with him ,which at the time would consist of about 8 hours a day haha he definitely pushed me to go harder and he would always encourage and he still does even til this very day.

Keep an eye out for him he's a monster player based in Queensland. full interview


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