News: Guitar Idol Live - Only one can win!

It's taken awhile, but we are finally there. Lots of guys in one room to watch one of these guys getting crowned as Guitar Idol III! I will be there at the show, so hopefully some blogging coverage.

  1. Ignacio Torres  Ignacio Torres - Horus
  2. Maneli Jamal Maneli Jamal - Movement III - Ziur
  3. Eugene Berger Eugene Berger - Funkissimo
  4. Franco Perla Frank Pearl - The Neverendless Song
  5. Marius Pop  Marius Pop - Marbri
  6. Don Alder Just a Rogue
  7. Nico Schliemann  Dead Ends
  8. Charly Sahona  Charly Sahona's guitar idol entry 2010
  9. Hedras Ramos  Hedras Ramos - Stellar Crash
  10. Jack Gardiner  Jack Gardiner - Rising Sun
  11. Alexander Pozdnyakov  When The Sun Goes Down
  12. Ignazio Di Salvo  Ignazio Di Salvo A night of Change Promo vid