News: guitar idol one more for the photo album

We travelled up from Bristol to London , about 2:30 drive. The venue is well located. Car parked and tickets in hand we head to the venue where we meet Jack Gardiner. There is a general sound check then on to all players in turn. The sound is good and we get a chance to hear some finalists licks. 
We get to the sharp end when Rick Graham and Tom Quayle do a question and answer session on improvisation punctuated by call and response solo sections.
We head out to tea with Claudio Mariolla... getting ready for the next section which starts with Steve Smyth from Forbidden ripping out some classic solos.
Benjamin Lachuga follows, winner of the Steve Vai scholarship.  Tasty Flametal soloing from the young Chilian.
Next stop guitar idol final. Good luck to all players.