Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - "17 Girls in a Row"

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Today's lick is a ripping glam-metal solo from Satchel of the band Steel Panther. It's a portion of his solo from "17 Girls in a Row," off the album "Balls Out," and features a glitzy raked bend followed by some descending tapped pull-offs and hammer-ons, which cascade down a modified pentatonic scale.
Begin with confidence! The bend on the high E string's 13th fret should be struck with as much grit as you can muster and attacked with a rake. Raking is the process of striking the strings adjacent to the one you intend to play, but not fretting any notes on those strings and instead muting them with your fret hand. A rake adds a percussive "whack" to the note in question (the note you're going to bend), helping it leap off the neck even more. Follow this bent note with a C♯ (high E string, 10th fret), and give it a good shake--the vibrato is your attitude multiplier here, so the more you give, the more you get!
Bar 3 begins the descending tapping run. Tap all notes marked with a T in the notation with your pick-hand index or middle finger, whichever feels more comfortable to you, and pull them off perpendicular to the fretboard to make sure that the following note sounds just as loud as the tapped note. From there, hammer-on to the next note with your fret hand while your tapping hand moves to the next string to begin the process over again.
The final two taps will be on the same note but pulled-off to different fretted notes. Hold that last hammered note and give it some nice, hearty vibrato to round off this kickin' lick!
The tempo is 100 beats per minute, 75 for slow practice.

Lick of the Day - Steel Panther - "17 Girls in a Row" Solo