Sarah Longfield: Azure Djent

This is one of the original songs I wrote. It's part of my demo "Zeal" you can checkout/download from :D I wrote the entire demo in a about 2 months while spending hours a day in attempt to improve my recording techniques and mixing skills. I know it's not perfect, that's why it's a demo:) Hope you like it! also, the video got kind of not lined up so I cut it in the middle and it's still sort of off, but now it's kind of close lol...

Azure (Original) - By Sarah

Not perfecto (DAMN THE MEEDLY MIDDLE PART!) lol it is so much harder than it sounds, it's easy to play but damn near impossible to memorize!

But it's been a while since i've put a new video up:P and this is one of my all time favorite meshuggah songs :D I've been really busy working on my demo thing (which I don't have videos for yet, but soon!) if you want to check it out head to

Dehumanization Meshuggah Cover - Sarah

Sarah Longfield is scarily good, fans of djent style music are sure to love this great EP.