Tom Richardson: Superlocrian Lick of the week

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The first bar of this lick is taken from the B Superlocrian (Altered) Scale. The intervals of the scale are

1, b2, b3, 3, 4, b5, b6, and b7.

As the name suggests this scale works well over Dominant 7 chords with an altered 5th or 9th. In this lick B7b5#9 would fit well as the lick has an F note which is the b5 and a D note which is the #9. In the second bar the lick resolves to E minor. The E minor scale actually begins in the first bar, the last two notes at the 7th and 10th fret are the root and b3 of E. The change is anticipated by changing scales slightly before the chord changes. To play the lick I use economy picking combined with legato. In the last bar there is also a smooth phrase played with slides.

Lick of the Week 15 - Tom Richardson