Amadeus Awad: Time Of The Equinox CD details

Mark Boals makes a guest appearance on "Time Of The Equinox", the new album from the Lebanese guitarist Amadeus Awad.

Due on January 13, the CD will feature the following track listing:

01. The Origins of Light
02. Gift of Solitude & Joy
03. Paper Dreams Pt. I: Requiem (feat. Mark Boals)
04. Paper Dreams Pt. II: Dies Irae (feat. Mark Boals)
05. Paper Dreams Pt. III: The Tempest (feat. Mark Boals)
06. Time of The Equinox
07. Spiritus Devi
08. Meteors In The Blue (feat. Liz Vandall from SAHARA)
09. Virtual Eclipse
10. Nostalgia (feat. Liz Vandall from SAHARA)
11. Tales of Celtic Sunsets (feat. Timo Somers from DELAIN)
12. Autumn Eyes (feat. Elia Che)
13. L'Univers En Deuil

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