Chris Eaton: jam track Melodic Slide Series 1

Chris Slides into JTC in StyleWe love unearthing incredible guitar playing talent at JTC, and Chris Eaton has snuck in through the side door and taken everyone by surprise. You don't always need to play a million notes a minute when improvising over jam tracks as can be seen by Chris's controlled, melodic slide solos. Chris is a very skilled slide guitarist, both electric and acoustic, and his approach is extremely expressive.
His debut package 'Melodic Slide Series 1' is aimed at the electric slide guitar and unearthes 5 beautifully created jam tracks. These tracks are not only perfect for you if you can already play some slide but if you want to learn to play slide guitar as well. The added bonus of these tracks is that they are great for jamming over without a slide as well. Check out each track in the full promo video by clicking here.
The package comes with all 5 full solo tracks by Chris, with full length videos, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, completely accurate TAB and some extra notes from Chris about how to approach slide guitar.

Chris Eaton - 'Melodic Slide Series 1'