Guthrie Govan: 100 signed erotic cakes CD's available

God bless Guthrie Govan. He is currently jet-setting all over the world, wowing audiences with his solo and Aristocrats material, yet still manages to find the time to sign 100 Erotic Cakes CD's for our sister company
So if you want to grab one of these very special signed CD's, bundled with an Erotic Cakes Ltd Edition t-shirt then grab onewhile you can!
In the meantime, if you fancy treating yourself to some Guthrie jam tracks then we have plenty of them. Guthrie's JTC profile page has over 25 different jam packages! That's enough jam tracks to keep you playing for around 8 months solid! And you can even buy theComplete Guthrie Collection to save yourself a few £££ on the way too!