Ian Crichton: Classic Saga in 2011

Legendary Canadian hard rockers SAGA, have reunited with vocalist Michael Sadler who parted ways with the band in 2007 and was subsequently replaced by Rob Moratti who appeared on their 2009 release, The Human Condition.

The band has issued the following statement:

"To put all the rumours to rest, we are happy to officially announce that Michael Sadler is once again the singer and frontman in Saga!! The new studio CD and tour news with Michael will be up very soon! We wish Rob all the best in the future with his new solo CD!"

Forming in 1977, Saga was launched into rock stardom in 1983 when MTV started spinning the singles to their fourth album, World's Apart. 'On The Loose' proved to be their breakthrough in America and peaked at #26 on the Billboard Charts in March of 1983. 'Wind Him Up' became the second single and peaking at #64 on Billboard the following month.

Saga 2011 features:
Michael Sadler - vocals
Jim Crichton - bass, keyboards
Ian Crichton - lead guitar
Jim Gilmour - keyboards, clarinet, vocals
Brian Doerner - drums

SAGA - "TIME`S UP" - Rapids Theater (Live 2011)

SAGA - "WIND HIM UP" Rapids Theater (LIVE 2011)