Julien Carayon: Tribute to Steve Vai

When I wrote songs for my last "Alpha" album I decided to record both the audio and video of every idea I came up with. I ended up with huge amount of video sequences. I thought it is a cool idea to create a music video to illustrate a full song from my "Alpha" album.
This song is a tribute to Steve Vai. "V" for "Five". "V" for "Vai" as well. I used various instruments such as a flugelhorn, a strings section, a piano, a DX keyboard and Drawbar Organ to create an instrumentation which mixes classical music and jazz influence in a rock ballad.
Yes, I know, this is all about another lenghty song. :lol:
I like to take the time to develop a story. Please, take the time to listen and watch the whole song.

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Julien Carayon - Track by track recording of "V" from "Alpha" album - Tribute to Steve Vai