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It’s action packed with 60 minutes of motion. Energy, expression, feeling, emotion and guitar!
Also includes a fretboard game along with a lot of jam tracks for fun and practice!

Mika Tyyskä:

Dear friends, Sensei’s Lick Store is open!
This is your once in a life time opportunity to buy a lick and pre-order “in Motion” -CD. There will be only a limited amount of Licks available. Be quick – Move it!
3 moves to buy a lick:
1) Choose a lick from the selection.
2) Pay the money (PayPal).You can also pay with your Credit Card without PayPal account. If you don’t have a credit card or paypal e-mail me, maybe we find a way to handle this. Also If you have trouble with the system let me know. Make sure you’re e-mail, posting address and name is included when you pay. In addition please e-mail me what lick you bought, so I can make sure nobody else buys it!
3) If you buy a lick, You will get your name on the booklet and also on Mr. Fastfinger website. For example: “Lost World: Supernatural sweepstravaganza (2:21) dedicated to ______”.
You will get the album among the first ones, in March. Mr. Fastfinger will sign the CD and alongcomes the chosen lick in special hand drawn tablature, Fastfinger guitar pick (you will need it with the game included) and some special extra surprises who knows! You also have the option to buy the Exploding Guitar for extra 10 euros. Note: both CD’s will be sent to you at once in march. and shipping is free!
for contact email:
mika “and”guitarshredshow.com
And thank you very much. Your support is deeply appreciated and very important.
Order in Motion

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