News: SOPA should Truth In Shredding Black Out?

Do I join the campaign? I must admit all the copyright stuff where I have no intention of harming anyone is starting to where me down... just trying to post videos for Jason Becker was almost impossible because of the copyright control in place on youtube... and even if we were doing it on behalf of Jason Becker!

Do you support sites like Wikipedia going dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA? Or do you feel that it’s the wrong move? Let us know in the comments.
Here are some of the bigger sites that will officially go dark on the 18th:
Failblog, rest of the Cheezburger NetworkBoing Boing
Smaller sites can get in on the protest as well. A site,, has been set up by theFight for the Future non-profit. It allows anyone with a website to join the strike. The site’s list of all registered blackout participants contains hundreds of small websites.


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