Sydnei Carvalho,: Sophia a masterclassin dynamics

This is another video tribute to the closure of a significant work done over the last two years. In this video I speak of the construction of the dynamics in the music Sophia and interpret the theme.

This video I made ​​with my great friend and artist Celso Wolfe to celebrate education, culture and service that we provide through my travels in Brazil. It has been a great honor and learning to do this event with my friend and brother Juninho Afram. My special thanks to Tagima NIG and who sponsored the events. By Celso and his production WolveStudios in the production of videos. When Juninho for the friendship and sharing the stage so noble and technique, and especially to all who attended the events and those who worked in the mission to become a reality this tour! I hope you all enjoy. Health and Peace, Sydnei.
Masterclass DYNAMICS II Plays Sydney Sophia Carvalho