Aman Khosla: 'Pilgrimage' guitar solo

Hey folks,
Here's a little snippet from the most recent show I had with Dave Mackay Group. This is the solo I played on the song 'Pilgrimage' and it's a gorgeous piece of music to embark on my very own journey over, even if just for a few minutes.

Dave writes some wonderful music and as a band the guys just bring it to a whole new level. Bringing this journey to you with me are the other members of the band; Dave Mackay ofcourse, on piano and keys, Antoine Katz on the bass, and JP Bouvet on drums. It is a privilege to play with such talented folks, such wonderful musicians and such great friends.
So, that's that. More to come soon. For now, enjoy!
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Aman Khosla - 'Pilgrimage' guitar solo