Anouck André: Guitar On Sky interview

1. What age did you start playing and why?
I started guitar around 17 years old.I try to begin earlier when I was a teen , I took one or two lessons, but I didn’t feel the motivation. And I let the dust settle on my guitar for years!

2. What age did you start to get serious and realize that it was your calling? ‘
The calling was quite immediate when I went back to guitar at 17 , I knew that I wanted it to be become my job after my High School graduation. I played guitar since only one year, I knew it would be hard but I couldn’t see me doing anything else.

3. What music did you listen mostly in your early age?

I feel a bit ashamed but I’ve been a victim of Boys Band like a lot of little girls! But fortunately, my father who’s a professional musician did not let it happen in a long run and opened my mind to classical music through Rachmaninoff, or Mozart (He forced my to listen to the whole Requiem when I was 5, without being allowed to speak or move.( He didn’t even see that I was sat on a big encyclopedia that really hurt me !)My father is also a big fan (an player) of modern jazz and I ‘ve heard a lot of Chick Corea and Michel Camillo during my childhood. more