Brian Tarquin: Recording Techniques of the Guitar Masters

Recording Techniques of the Guitar MastersDiscover the recording secrets of our generation’s guitar heroes: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Zakk Wylde, Ted Nugent, Billy Sheehan, Larry Carlton, Stanley Clarke, Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, Leslie West, Robin Trower, Tommy Emmanuel—a total of 30 outstanding players in all. Detailed interviews with these guitar greats explore each performer’s recording techniques and offer practical advice for replicating the unique tone for which each is known. Rounding out the text, multi-Emmy award–winning composer, recording artist, producer, and author Brian Tarquin offers a wide range of hands-on information covering topics such as recording gear, mixing techniques, and guitar and amp choices. The result is a text that empowers guitarists of any skill to take their music to the next level!
Interviews with top-name guitarists and producers offers today's players a wide range of rare and valuable technique-focused advice.
The included DVD includes step-by-step instructions on live recording with an array of different amps and direct boxes, as well as an examination of tne the pros and cons of digital vs. analog recording, and brief overviews of compressors/limiters, mic-pre amps, and the myriad options available for studio outboard and plug-in effects.
Guitar players of any skill level will benefit from the book's detailed descriptions of recording procedures, miking techniques, in-studio setups,and guitar tone descriptions.
Table of Contents
1. Guitar Recording Then and Now.
2. From the Horse's Mouth: Gunslinger.
3. Recording Gear.
4. In the Mix with Great Dynamics, Mic Pres, and Effects Processors.
5. Microphones for Tones.
Appendix A: iTunes Best Guitar Songs.
Appendix B: YouTube Best Guitar Videos.
Appendix C: Performance Rights Organizations.
Appendix D: Web References.
Appendix E: Trade Magazines.
Appendix F: Highly Recommended Readings.
Appendix G: Guitar Manufacturers.
Appendix H: Guitar Amp Manufacturers.
Appendix I: Guitar Accessory Companies.
Appendix J: Recording Manufacturers.
Appendix K: Top 10 Guitar Websites.
Author Bio
Brian Tarquin
Brian Tarquin is a top-rated TV composer/recording artist and owner of Jungle Room Studios. In 2002, 2003, and 2005, he won Emmys for Outstanding Achievement In Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series, and he has been nominated for an Emmy six times. Tarquin has successfully released several Top 10 Radio Singles & Billboard Top 20 solo and compilation albums, selling more than 140,000 records over the course of his recording career. Some of Tarquin’s other professional accomplishments include writing the theme music for MTV’s Road Rules, producing music for film and television, and establishing his own boutique record label called BHP Music. In addition, he is a featured music writer who has been published in such national magazines as EQ, Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, and Recording. In 2008, Tarquin produced and wrote Fretworx, which showcased new recordings by guitar greats Steve Morse, Billy Sheehan, Frank Gambale, Andy Timmons, and Will Ray, as well as rare tracks from Steve Vai, Santana, and Tommy Bolin. Hal Lindes of Dire Straits contributed personal liner notes to Fretworx.