Jarno Keskinen: Kenziner release best of CD

Kenziner featuring guitarist Jarno Keskinen. This collection features the best tracks from the band's two releases, "Timescape" and "The Prophecies." Producer David T. Chastain states: "Jarno wrote some of the best music in metal. It is too bad that Jarno and Stephen did not record longer together as I am sure their 'magic' would have continued to produce more classic music."

"The Absolute Best Of" is now available on iTunes and other on-line digital download sites!!

Track Listing:
1 Future Signs
2 Into the Light
3 Race With Time
4 Images of the Past
5 Dreamer
6 Thru the End
7 Timescape
8 The Razor's Edge
9 Seasons
10 In the Silence
11 Through The Fire
12 Land of Shadows
13 Like A Paradise