Joe Satriani: talks 3D to

"War" by Joe Satriani - From "Satchurated", In Select U.S. Theaters March 2012!

Jeb: Did they tell you to swing your guitar around more so that it would be cool on a 3D shoot?

Joe: That’s a good question. They actually moved me and my bass player into positions that were two feet off from where we had been standing the entire tour and told us not to stand where we had been standing. I was like, “But that’s my spot.” That was a bit odd.

Because of the venue, and where they could put the cameras, they had to move us. It was okay, but what was more odd was that they told us, “When you’re playing, and you notice the 3D camera swinging into position, and you notice something between you and that camera, then move to another position where there is nothing between you and that camera.”

When you’re doing a rock and roll show you don’t want to think about cameras. We want to play and connect with our audience. We had to realize when there was a microphone stand, or something between us and the camera, to move away. I didn’t really appreciate why until I saw the final cut of the theatrical release in 3D. They wanted to avoid the typical, gimmick type of horror movie 3D sort of thing. They were right to avoid that because it breaks your concentration.

When you’re in a theater and watching the concert and hearing it in 7.1 Surround Sound then you really feel like you are at the concert. You don’t want any silly gimmicks like me pointing my guitar at you, or sticking my tongue out at you. The direction that they gave us really helped.