Josephine Soegijanty-Draven: Axe Gang Iraon Maiden

Josephine Soegijanty-Draven is an Indonesian musician and film score composer. She is currently a cast member of the Blue Man Group. She was also a guitarist for the American all-female heavy metal band Phantom Blue and the tribute band The Iron Maidens.
Born in Java, Indonesia, Jojo Draven started her music career as a keyboardist for several rock bands in the country. Tired of playing keyboard as a result of her classical piano training, she learned to play guitar from the best local guitarist. Shortly afterward, she joined an all-female rock band and found some success before relocating to the U.S., where she studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. There, she became the protege of Alex Skolnick, guitarist of the heavy metal band Testament.  
She has played/recorded with various musicians, and appeared on the homage recording for guitarist Jason Becker alongside Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert and Steve Morse. 
In 1996, Draven joined the all-female band Phantom Blue as their main guitarist under the name Josephine. She remained with the band until their demise in late-2001. On June of that same year, she and drummer Linda McDonald joined vocalist Jenny Warren, bassist Melanie Sisneros (formerly of Raven Mad and New Eden) and guitarist Sara Marsh (formerly of Bandit) to form the tribute band The Iron Maidens ("World's Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden"). Her stage name in the Maidens was "Adrienne Smith," a female version of Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith. Draven's tenure in both Phantom Blue and the Maidens earned her three Rock City Awards for Best Female Guitarist.
Shortly after the release of the band's self-titled debut album in 2005, Draven left the Maidens to pursue a career in composing film scores - many of which have been produced and/or directed by her husband, Danny Draven.
Starting October 2011, Draven will play guitar in the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, Nevada.
But Jojo never mention AXE GANG, her group when she was in Surabaya, Indonesia around 1990s. This Song Called "Heavy Metal" compossed by Pardi Arthin & Andre Tidi.

So, Please Enjoy AXE GANG: Heavy Metal ... Indonesian Rock Songs with Jojo Draven in Guitar !
Clip taken from: TVRI (The Goverment Indonesia Television)

Axe Gang - Heavy Metal