Thomas Lang: Big Drum Bonanza

In case you haven't heard the great news -- Drum Goliath Dave Elich of The Mars Volta and the incredibleChris Coleman are joining Virgil Donati in the line up for the 1st Annual Big Drum Bonanza! We couldn't be more excited to have drummers of this caliber in the house for our very first year.

We also wanted to share with you our decision to move the camp from New York to California.


Well, it's pretty simple... The Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camps have been my baby for three years now and it's something I take a lot of pride in. Moving the camp to New York and partnering with someone else meant that we didn't have as much say in how much things cost -- and what we could offer the campers for the price.

While the camping and shared room options at the New York location were lower in cost -- at the end of a long day of hands-on drumming -- we think it's VITAL that our campers have a private room and shower to relax and get ready for another big day. Plus, we think you need access to cell phone signals and free wifi to stay on top of things and make your friends jealous by posting cool pictures of yourself with Dave, Virgil & Chris and the other guest teachers on Facebook!

So in order to give everyone a private room at a reasonable price, we moved the camp to the Palm Garden hotel in Thousand Oaks, California.

What does this mean??

It means that EVERY camper gets a private room -- for $900.00 cheaper than we could offer in New York.

It also means that we have access to more amazing instructors who can take part in the camp. Better rooms? More teachers? Cheaper price??? Sound good? We thought so!

The BDB is like the Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camp on STEROIDS! We will be hands-on, drumming boot camps style -- everyone on their own practice kits -- as well as all the additional instruction, performances and presentations. This camp is going to KILL and there's NOTHING out there like it.

Why would you sit and listen to blah...blah.. blah... when you can BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!?

I hope we will see you in June in California. If you have any questions, drop us an email or check out