Amy Schugar: talks about new album and inspirations

RM: Women in rock who are lead singers and musicians are usually known by voice first and instrument-of-choice second. You however are not just a versatile rock vocalist but a very accomplished lead guitarist. Who inspired you vocally and musically?

AS: Jeff Tate, David Coverdale, Aretha Franklin... there are so many great vocalists and I really love to sing. Eric Johnson is one of my all time favorites with his gentle voice and guitar skills. 'Dear Prudence' is so wonderful the way he performs it! When I was very young, Michael Schenker tunes were the all-time favourite thing as well for guitar. However, the lyrical melody really makes the tunes. When I had first started out, it was on acoustic guitar. I saw a couple of live bands and one in particular, Bad Axe. Man, the guitar player David Boerst was and is amazing, still. He is a rock player and that got me going.
That was my first experience seeing a live bar band and I knew from there I wanted to learn more rock and get into solo playing more. 

Then as time went on Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, I just absolutely love. They make the guitar the lead vocalist, kind of...

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