Tom Geldschläger: Xell - guitar medley - scary playing alert!

Tom Geldschläger:
Me performing various parts from "Xell"´s debut album. I did not play on the record, but was hired to play guitar in his live-band. I ended up playing some parts that were originally performed by strings, woodwinds etc. You check out some of those in this video. P.S.: for the last part of the video I edited two parts together for musical continuity - I had originally videotaped those parts in seperate sessions because this video was made during the practise-sessions for a gig.

Xell - guitar medley

Sindbad by Xell

I played over 30 minutes worth of guitar parts on this wonderful album by Jimmy Pitts and Marco Minnemann, this is just a little compilation of parts where I used a FRETLESS guitar. Buy the album for much more where this came from :) The album is part of Marco´s amazing "Normalizer 2" series ( ).
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Pitts/Minnemann Project - fretless guitar moments