Joe Bonamassa: interview

Bob Gersztyn for BluesWax: How did you decide on the mix of songs that you used for Dust Bowl?

Joe Bonamassa: On a lot of these things you start out with a concept, and then sometimes you kind of bail on them as the record kind of shapes up and the thing is more so than anything we had a chance to record withVince Gill and John Hiatt and I think some of the songs took shape because of that opportunity. There is no master plan with a chalkboard room where you decide these concepts. It’s a weird thing when all of a sudden in the context of a “blues album,” and it’s a pretty liberal use of the term “blues,” it’s not a straight-ahead blues record by any means. There’s Beth Hart, John Hiatt, Vince Gill, and Glen Hughes on the same record, but it all seems to kind of work, as we kept going, finding songs, or I would write something, and it just kind of went from there.